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Jasper Maskelyne's Ghost

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"Myth is invulnerable to mere facts" Barthes

This website will analyse the real wartime career of English stage magician, Jasper Maskelyne.

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Extraordinary claims

This website will disentangle fact from fantasy and challenge the accuracy of previous accounts, namely, David Fisher's The War Magician (1983) and Jasper Maskelyne's ghostwritten memoirs, Magic - Top Secret (1949).

Jasper Maskelyne's Ghost

This alternative portait draws on new sources including interviews with Jasper Maskelyne's son, Alistair; declassified documents from the National Archives; overlooked, out-of-print books from the British Library; and rare biographical information on Maskelyne's invisible ghostwriter.

Desert Miracles?

It will examine significant material from Jasper Maskelyne's missing private scrapbook, Deceptive Camouflage Ideas 1941-1945, which, until now, has been withheld from the general public and the magic community.

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